BPN Maestro - Trial Run Questionnaire

Online Questionnaire for Trial Run Participant Hotels

Bruno Fallegger

Bruno Fallegger
Founder & CEO, BPN Solutions

Welcome and thank you very much for your interest in trial-running the BPN Maestro toolkit with your property!

The below questionnaire helps us to ensure we have all the necessary information for a smooth system setup, while also learning more about your property and how we best can support your operation. Once the questionnaire is complete, our IT team should have all details necesary to activate your personalised BPN Maestro as soon as possible.

The questionnaire should not take longer than 5min complete and is usually completed by the Director of Rooms / Front Office Manager or any other member of the Operations Team.

As always, if there are any questions or if you run into any problems, please feel free to reach out to me via the contact buttons below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to being in touch and getting you started with BPN Maestro!


Email: bruno@bpn-solutions.com
Mobile: +61 499 354 637

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This section collects general information of your property, eg. the official trading name of your property which will be used in the Trial Run Agreement or any of BPN Maestro training documents for your property.

Property Details

Property Address

Contract Trading Name (for official contract use)

Contract Address

Same as property address

Hotel Contacts and Languages

Hotel Chain

Please select your Property Management System (PMS) from below:


This section refers to the hotel management who is authorised to sign the Trial Run Agreement on behalf of the hotel, the operations team that would be involved in the setup and daily operation of BPN Maestro.

Hotel Champion Details

The hotel champion is the appointed team member who will serve as the main contact for BPN Solutions in your property. Usually this is the Hotel Manager / Director of Operations / Director of Rooms / Front Office Manager.

General Manager Details

The General Manager will be required to sign the BPN Maestro Trial Run Agreement prior to the start of the trial run.

IT Manager Details

The IT Manager is the main point of contact for the BPN Maestro setup and interface with your PMS system.

Other Questions

Please indicate if any of the below applies to your property

Please indicate if any of the below applies to your property

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